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Approved Vendor: Epic Fun

If you're looking for a foam party vendor in Los Angeles, look no further than Epic Fun. Epic Fun is an approved Foamdaddy vendor with everything you need to turn your foam party into a smashing success. They offer an incredible foam party experience that takes care of all the important details for you, from assisting with setup to helping to ensure that your party runs smoothly. 

About Epic Fun

Epic Fun strives to put smiles on everyone's faces: not just your party guests, but yours, too! When you choose Epic Fun to handle your foam party event, you can feel confident that everything will run smoothly and all the guests will have a great time. 

Great Communication

Communication is at the heart of the Epic Fun experience. The team is friendly, full of smiles, and fun–and dedicated to ensuring you get the party experience you want. They will ensure they fully understand what you need from your foam party experience and offer the party options that best fit your needs. 

Professional and Safety-Focused

Epic Fun prides itself on the professional demeanor of all its workers. They'll ensure they show up on time for your event–and, in many cases, will show up early to ensure that everything is ready to go. They'll also advise to ensure everyone stays safe while enjoying the foam party event. 

Book Your Foam Party with Epic Fun

Epic Fun will ensure you have everything you need if you're planning a foam party event in Los Angeles. From foam machines that will keep the foam flowing throughout the event to billions of bubbles, music, and much more, Epic Fun has everything needed for an incredible foam party experience. 

The Foam Party Package at Epic Fun

Epic Fun boasts an incredible foam party package that ensures the event has everything the guests want to have a fantastic time. That includes the foam cannon, foam solution, beach balls, and other tools needed for a successful event, like an extension cord and hose. Furthermore, Epic Fun provides a Foam DJ to host the event, operate the foam cannons, and keep the music going. The Foam DJ is a critical part of the experience. Not only will they show up and run the event, but they'll bring the energy you need for an incredible experience. Epic Fun delivers the full package!

The party package includes a rain policy that will, with 24-hour notice, allow for foam party rescheduling at no extra cost. 

Why Choose Epic Fun and Foamdaddy Products?

Epic Fun is an authorized Foamdaddy dealer, which means they have the high-quality products you're looking for as you strive to make your event a success. That means eco-friendly, hypoallergenic foam that is perfect for the whole family to play in and enjoy. Epic Fun is a highly professional, communication-oriented company dedicated to ensuring an incredible foam party experience, whether you're hosting a truly epic birthday party or going all out for an amazing youth group event. Foam parties are a great way to raise energy, enhance your event, and ensure that everyone has a lot of fun–and with Epic Fun and Foamdaddy products, that event will be a success.

Are you ready to bring the fun in with Epic Fun's foam party packages? Head over to the website to book your event. If you have questions about the Foamdaddy product line, contact us for more information.


Image Credit: Vera Larina, Shutterstock