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Authorized Dealer: Foamboree

Foamboree Authorized Dealer

Snow and foam parties are becoming increasingly popular. They transport your guests to an exciting wonderland where guests can play unlimited games, groove to their favorite music, and make new friends.

Over the past 15 years, Foamdaddy has helped thousands of clients organize successful foam and snow parties. We work with a network of authorized dealers to bring foam machine rental services closer to you.

One of those dealers is Foamboree, which serves Washington, Nashville, Tampa, Los Angeles, and Dallas.

About Foamboree

Foamboree specializes in helping hosts organize snow and foam parties. The company provides equipment like foam machines for sale or rent, snow machines, and snow/foam solutions. As an authorized dealer, they rent high-quality equipment from Foamdaddy.

As a bargain, Foamboree offers inflatable foam party pits, entertainment systems, and color foam additives. Like Foamdaddy, Foamboree makes sure you get quality products and top-notch services so you can focus on partying.

Why Foamboree Stands Out When It Comes to Snow and Foam Parties

When you use Foamboree, you get an expert to help you set up your foam and snow equipment. Typically, the representative will survey the venue and find the right place to set up your snow or foam equipment.

Furthermore, the foamist will install equipment and make sure it does not break down amidst enjoyment. Aside from professional support, using Foamboree comes with a package with many benefits. These include:

You Get a Sound System for the Party

Music is a cornerstone of any successful foam or snow party. It ignites the party atmosphere and encourages guests to dance, socialize and join in on the foam or snow fun. That's why Foamboree offers a powerful sound system.

The speakers produce clear sound, allowing listeners to hear more detailed music tracks. Moreover, the powerful speakers add depth and richness to the music, making the snow or foam parties even more fun.

You Get To Choose a Fair Package

Whether you are planning a budget-conscious gathering or a visually captivating party, Famboree has a package for you. Depending on your preferences, you can choose Basic, Popular, or Glow in the Dark packages. You can also opt for the A La Carte or Add Some Color packages.

  • Basic package. The basic package is the most affordable foam party package. It is great for small parties like birthdays, playdates, and baby showers. With this package, you get 60 minutes of foam. Foamboree also provides a sound system, customizable invitations, and a foamologist.
  • Popular Package. The popular package will be ideal if you want to play more in foam. It offers 2 hours of unlimited play in stacks of hypoallergenic foam. The package is great for summer camps, adult parties, and company outings. Foamboree also provides a sound system, a foam expert, and customizable invitations for guests.
  • Glow in the Dark. This package helps you add some glow to your party with a Glow Solution and lights.
  • A La Carte. The A La Carte package is great for large outdoor festivals. Famboree provides water and power for the party. They will also help you customize the foam party to your needs.
  • Add Some Color to Your Foam Party. This package is excellent for special occasions like gender reveal parties. Foamboree's foam experts will help you customize your foam with your colors.

Your Safety is Guaranteed

The parties organized by Foamboree are safe for you, your pets, your valuables, and the environment. The provider uses 100% hypoallergenic solutions to make foam and snow. Your guests will not be irritated when they have fun in the foam. Moreover, the foam and snow used in these parties are biodegradable, dye-free, and pet safe.

Organize Your Next Foam Party With Foamdaddy's Authorized Dealer Foamboree

If you plan a foam or snow party, look no further than Foamboree. From foam cannons to snow machines, this retailer has everything you need for a successful party. They even go a step further and provide a professional foam expert to oversee the entire setup.

Contact us or book your foam or snow party and celebrate in style.