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Authorized Dealer: Foam Party KC


If you're looking for an authorized FoamDaddy dealer in Kansas City, look no further than Foam Party KC. Known as the #1 foam party service, Foam Party KC delivers incredible foam party services that are perfect for birthday parties, school events, daycare events, and more. The foam party craze is gaining increasing attention, not only in Kansas City but across the country--and Foam Party KC delivers all the fun you're looking for.

About Foam Party KC

Foam Party KC offers professional, exciting foam party services that are perfect for kid parties and adult events. Their experienced party services include everything partygoers need to make the event successful, whether hosting a colorful foam party filled with bubbles and fun or bringing Foam Party KC out after dark for an incredible glow event. Foam Party KC has a history of successful events and delivering exactly what people are looking for. At every event, Foam Party KC supplies its own operators so you can celebrate with your guests and enjoy the party instead of worrying that things are running smoothly.

Packages Foam Party KC Offers

Foam Party KC offers a variety of party packages that help you make the most of your event. Each event package includes 45 minutes of continuous foam, professional foam equipment, and a 500-watt sound system that will allow you to blast your music as you celebrate your event.

Standard Package: 45-Minute Epic Foam Party

The Foam Party KC Standard Epic Foam Party package includes everything you need to help make your foam party event successful. You'll get professional-grade foam cannons designed to deliver a continuous foam event that will have your guests slipping, sliding, and dancing in the foam while music plays. It's a great way to celebrate children's events like birthday parties or to bring out your inner child for a fun, fantastic event.

Add Some Color: 45-Minute Epic Color Foam Party

At the Epic Color Foam Party, you'll have all the benefits and advantages of your standard foam party with a twist: color added to your foam. Brighten up the event and let your guests play in brightly-colored foam. It's the perfect way to highlight school colors, stage a gender reveal, or just add a splash of color to your fun foam event.

Light the Night: 45-Minute Epic Glow Foam Party

When the lights go out, the fun is only beginning! The Foam Party KC Epic Glow Foam Party Package adds glow solution and black light to your foam party to keep the fun going all night long. It's a great way to stage a fun race, host an after-party after a concert or youth event, or simply brighten up the night with a party sure to make a splash.

Why You Should Buy from Foam Party KC

Foam Party KC is an authorized FoamDaddy dealer focusing on high-quality standards. They'll come in and take care of the foam party fun, from setup to running the event, which allows you to focus on the event itself. The team is professional and organized, so you can feel confident leaving the foam party in their hands. Your foam party will be an unforgettable event that is sure to stand out from the crowd.

Contact Foam Party KC for Your Event in Kansas City

If you're ready to host a truly epic event in Kansas City, Foam Party KC is perfect for all your foam needs. Reach out today to learn more about the Foam Party KC party packages and how they can help your event stand out.


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