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How To Make Money Off Your Foam Machine


As you learn about making money off your foam machine, remember a few things:

  • Renting equipment is an excellent way to start out
  • Finding a niche market is the key to success
  • Safety is paramount to repeat business

How to Make Money Throwing Parties

Thinking about how to make money throwing parties? Finding ways to gather socially is nothing new. People crave social connection, but there is nothing particularly new or exciting about most social events. Parties, dances, get-togethers, cookouts, and any other party imaginable is essentially a mix of chitchat, drinking, music, games, and dancing. However, a foam party might add a unique twist to your engagement, and better yet, if you own the foam machine, you might create a niche for your future foam events and party planning business.

Making Money Throwing Foam Parties

Many people might find it strange that you can start earning money with a foam machine, but the profit is in the experience. People want different experiences; they want a change of pace. While foam is not a new invention, it does provide a change to the traditional party model, allowing people to let loose and express themselves in a new way. The beauty of foam parties is that nearly every age group can appreciate the simplicity and excitement of the medium.

Defining the foam Event

A foam party is exactly what it sounds like; it is a party with a dance floor covered in bubbles or suds. Most events use several feet of foam to cover the floor, but the depth likely depends on the participants’ height.

Most foam parties occur during the summer, with participants wearing beachwear, t-shirts and shorts, and some form of footwear. Many guests will and should wear face coverings, like goggles, to prevent any potential irritation from the bubble solution.

Foam Party Equipment: Purchase or Rental

As you look into foam party equipment, it won't take long for you to notice some of the machines’ prices, many over $2,000. If you are not confident in your party prospects, you can opt for a rental, costing about half the purchase price. A standard foam machine will not cost as much as a foam cannon, with the base price around $675. Still, the rental is less.

Foam machine rentals give you the chance to test the waters. You can see how popular a foam party option is in your area before putting significant money into a long-term investment. For party planners just dipping their toes in the foam pit, rentals might be the best option.

Niche Market

Making money in business, especially in entertainment, is about finding a niche, a specific category, or an untapped service. While it is hard to find a location without a decent party planner, not every area will offer foam events. However, even if someone is providing foam services for events, you might be able to find a consumer market in need.

For example, is there a foam party planner specializing in bachelorette parties? Take a look at the party and entertainment services in your area and see if foam can add a unique twist to any.

Enticing Customers With Unique Events

If you want to make money from foam machines, you need to identify your target demographic. Are you interested in boosting the energy level at children's birthday celebrations, or would you instead stick with grown-ups? If you are looking into the adult market, consider college graduation parties, bridal showers, bachelorette, or bachelor parties. You can even do game day events or holiday themes; for example, do green or glow-in-the-dark foam for St. Patrick's Day. You can even add snow machines to your repertoire for winter-themed events. Your only limit is your imagination.

Start Hosting Foam Party Events For Profit

Sure, you can make decent money charging for foaming services, but the real money is in party planning and hosting events for increased cash flow.. If you want to make the most of your foam machine investment, you need to take control of the entire show, don't be a cog in someone else's event.

Selecting Appropriate Foam Party Venues

As you take the reigns of your new entertainment business, you will need to identify appropriate venues for your parties. It is advisable to hold foam events outdoors during the summer months, preferably on a patio, driveway, or parking lot. Outdoor occasions are easy to clean and often have adequate space to prevent most accidents and injuries. You also do not need to worry about property owners objecting to the event because they fear property and water damage.

If you are throwing a foam party in the colder months, you will need to find a suitable indoor location. Before signing a contract with any hall/venue, make sure the property owner has no objections to the use of foam indoors. You will also need to find a hall big enough to host the size party you have planned.

Don't forget, the chances of injury do increase at a foam party. To protect yourself against any liability, it is wise to have all guests sign a waiver.

Gathering Essentials and Doing Prep Work

Besides the foam machines for the event, you will need enough foam machine solution to last the night. You want to find a solution that is safe and will not cause too much irritation for partygoers. You will also need a plastic tarp large enough to cover the floor and walls of the venue, if indoors. If you can't find a tarp large enough, you will need to tape several together, ensuring the seal is secure enough to prevent leakage onto the floor beneath. Finally, you will need to cover all electrical outlets and components to protect against water damage. It might also be a good idea to find furniture that can survive the event, like plastic lawn chairs and tables.

Taking Necessary Precautions For Foam Party Safety

While you want everyone to have a good time at your event, you must remember that safety at foam parties is paramount. Because of the increased risk of accident and injury at foam parties, a few rules should be universal:

  • Make shoes mandatory
  • Use plastic dishware
  • Prevent skidding and sliding
  • Don't allow cell phones or other electronics

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