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How to throw a Sensory-Friendly Party for Children with Autism

How to throw a Sensory-Friendly Party for Children with Autism

Organizing a sensory-friendly event or birthday party for adults or children with autism needs attention to detail. There are many things to focus on, from choosing the right activities to the venue. Otherwise, your party will bring discomfort rather than joy.

If this is your first time organizing such a party, Foamdaddy is here to give you some oversight as to what it takes to manage a fun, accommodating, sensory-friendly party. As a certified autism resource, we hope you're able to take away some pointers today to make your event planning easier and stress-free!

Planning Ahead of Time

Planning ahead of time takes center stage in organizing a sensory-friendly birthday. With early preparations, you cut the chances of overlooking some details simply because you are running out of time.

Although there are many things to consider when planning, focus on those that would make the event successful. Some of these critical aspects to prioritize during your early plans include:

  • Training event coordinators. Adults and children with autism have diverse sensory sensitivities that require specialized understanding. Training ensures your coordinators know how to engage with the children and guests comfortably.
  • Reserving the right venue. Unlike regular events, sensory-friendly parties need a special venue. For instance, the venue should have ample space coupled with optimal lighting. For this reason, reserve the right venue earlier if you are organizing the event away from home.
  • Making the event schedule. Adults and children with autism prefer predictable schedules. It's usually recommended to implement a visual schedule for any guests or participants to be able to view ahead of time. The schedule should outline basics like fun activities to expect, time for breaks, and transitions.

Sensory Friendly Party Activities

At FoamDaddy, we know that not all activities suit children or adults with autism. For instance, activities characterized by loud noises can heighten the anxiety levels of these kids.

For this reason, choosing the right activities when planning a sensory-friendly event is crucial.

Some sensory-friendly ideas we offer could include:

Foam Parties

Foam parties for all groups, ages, and parties. The texture of our foam is similar to that of the bubbles in a bubble bath. Upon request, the foam itself can be flavorless, and the volume of the machine is similar to that of a regular hair dryer.

Snow Parties

A snow party can be a great choice as well for hands-on sensory seekers. Much like the foam machines we rent, our snow machines can be turned off and on at will. The artificial snow produced has a high-quality, light, fluffy texture.

Go With a Trusted Resource

If it is your first time to organize a sensory-friendly event, it is easy to overlook some aspects. There is a diverse range of considerations to take into account within the autism spectrum. You cannot understand all these needs without first-hand experience.

This is why an event planner with appropriate autism resource training can help you achieve your goals.

These certified professionals will tailor your event to meet the sensory needs of children with autism. The sensory guide at FoamDaddy covers touch, taste, sound, smell and sight and takes into account different sensory levels as well.

FoamDaddy Has What You Need for a Sensory-Friendly Event!

Foamdaddy is your trusted partner in organizing sensory-friendly events. We help hosts organize sensory-friendly foam or snow parties to celebrate birthdays, graduations, playdates, and summer camps.

Beyond event planning, we provide the equipment to set up your event. Moreover, we will assign you an event coordinator to oversee your snow or foam party from start to end.

Contact us or reach us at 1-888-731-4415 to inquire more about organizing sensory-friendly parties.

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