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Kids Foam Parties – Tips & Essentials

Imagine a sea of fluffy, colorful foam where your little ones can splash and play to their hearts' content. Our foam parties are designed specifically for kids, ensuring a safe and fun-filled experience for all. We have all the equipment needed for an unforgettable party experience. Your kids will have a blast sliding, jumping, and diving into the foam, creating a magical and memorable experience. 

Learn How to Throw a Foam Party for Kids

Our team of experienced party planners will take care of everything, from setup to cleanup, so you can sit back and relax. Kids' foam parties have gained popularity since they are easy to set up and can be included in most occasions. Let Foamdaddy's Kids Foam Party be the highlight of your child's year. Book now!

What Is a Kids Foam Party?

A kid's foam party is a party for kids that involves foam. At a foam party for kids, the foam machine fills the party area with an eye-catching mountain of cool, refreshing, and clean foam. The parties involve foam and electrifying music to intensify the fun. 

The Certified Autism Resource has approved the events, as they are great for entertaining children with autism. Families or adults with children with autism spectrum can let children have fun with other kids at foam parties. These parties are an excellent option for replacing traditional parties such as birthday parties, summer parties, graduations, school events, church events, festivals, and daycares. Adults can also enjoy kids' foam parties by dancing to the music and taking pictures of their children having fun.

What Do I Need for A Kids' Foam Party?

Now that you know all about the fun and excitement that a kids' foam party from Foamdaddy can bring, you may be wondering what you need to prepare for the party. Some key elements are necessary to make your child's foam party successful.

A Foam Machine

The foam machine produces the foam. It comes in many different types and sizes. Depending on your party size, space, and how much foam you want, you can opt for a standard-sized or extra-large foam machine. At Foamdaddy, we offer a variety of foam party machine packages that might make it easy to host a memorable foam party for kids.

Foam Machine Solution

Foam machine solutions are usually a gel, powder, or liquid. The foam machine uses the foam solution to create magical bubble foams at your foam party. Since the children will be playing in the foam and it will be all over them, we recommend using a foam machine solution that is biodegradable, hypoallergenic, non-staining, cloth-friendly, scent-free, and safe on the skin. Foamdaddy offers a signature foam machine solution that is reliable and a credible source of foam. 

Water Source and Foam Machine Reservoir

A foam machine reservoir or a giant bucket is where the water and the foam machine solution are mixed before being sucked out to create the foam for your foam party. Having a water source near the foam party setup makes it more convenient to make more foam for the party.


Electricity is essential since foam machines run on power. Therefore, you need a standard electrical outlet that is easily accessible to plug the foam machine. Electricity is also important since musical instruments such as speakers require electricity. We recommend using a 12-gauge weatherproof extension cord and a waterproof extension cord connector to keep everything and everyone safe if it accidentally gets wet. 

What Do Kids Wear to A Foam Party?

First, foam parties do not ruin or stain your kids' clothes when a high-quality foam machine solution is used for the party. We suggest kids wear comfortable, lightweight, loose-fitting clothes, and those that you do not mind getting wet if some water gets onto their clothing. Kids should wear a loose t-shirt, comfortable shorts, or a swimsuit.

For shoes, we recommend that kids wear comfortable sneakers or athletic shoes to the foam party. Essentially, they should ensure the shoes are older and not the ones they care too much about. Also, we highly discourage wearing high heels or flip-flops due to the increased risk of falling and injuring oneself. 

We also prohibit kids from walking barefoot since the floor is slippery, which might cause slipping and falling. Notably, injuries ruin the exciting party mood. Other items kids might bring to a foam party include a towel, sunscreen if the party is being held outside, a change of clothes, and a cell phone or camera.

Foam Parties and Foam Machine Rentals

Are you planning to host a kids' foam party? We offer a wide range of foam machines that can accommodate any size event, from small birthday parties to large school events. Our foam machines are safe and easy to use and provide hours of entertainment for kids and adults alike. 

With our expert team to help with setup and cleanup, you can sit back and relax, enjoying the foam party with your kids. We also offer a variety of foam party packages to suit any budget. Foamdaddy has everything you need to make your kid's next event a hit. Contact us today to book your foam party and make your kid's next event one they will remember forever.

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