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Texas Foam Parties with Foamdaddy

In this article about the newest event trend, Texas foam parties, you’ll learn:

  • Why foam is a safe and fun addition to the dance floor
  • How you can use foam party equipment to generate revenue
  • Why Foamdaddy is the best place to get rentals for your foam party

Are you hosting a party in Houston, TX, or a city nearby and want to take it up a notch? Then you should consider adding foam events.

You’ve probably seen foam parties on social media; there are a ton of videos and photos of kids and adults having fun with mountains of bubbles. If you want to make great memories, this type of event is a perfect way. Learn more about exactly what a foam party is, here

Texas Foam Party Rentals With Foamdaddy

Foamdaddy is the Texas foam party machine rental company you’ve been looking for. We offer a wide variety of equipment to generate suds, including additives to make your event unique. No matter the occasion, you’re sure to find the perfect package to fill the day with bubbly fun.

Foam Machines Are Easy To Use

One of the best things about Foamdaddy foam party equipment is how easy it is to use. Setup is quick and allows you to accurately aim for the area you want to fill with suds. You can choose from various cannons and jets, all of which are a cinch to run.

Foam Is Non-Toxic

When you’re submerged in a substance, you understandably want to make sure it’s 100% safe for skin contact, especially if kids get in on the fun. All foam meets the following requirements:

  • Hypoallergenic
  • Non-toxic
  • Environmentally friendly

Additionally, there’s minimal clean-up afterward, as the foam eventually dissolves on its own. You can check out foam solution FAQs for more info.

Experience Is Fun and Memorable

Do you remember when you took bubble baths as a kid? A foam party is a bigger, better version of that. For one thing, the foam machine shoots into the air from a cannon, adding a new layer of excitement. For another, foam accumulates, creating mountains several feet tall. Additionally, when the foam comes into contact with skin and clothes, it eventually becomes liquid, making foam parties a great way to cool off during the summer.

Foam Parties in Texas

There’s nothing quite like a Texas foam party. If you’re in this Southern state, you’re in one of the best places to enjoy everything a foam party has to offer.

Why is this so? While it’s possible to have a foam party indoors, there’s nothing quite as fun (or convenient) as hosting outdoors.

Amazing Weather

The clear skies in the Lone Star State make it the perfect place for an outdoor celebration. To get the most out of a foam party, you need sunny weather without too much wind, which is easily found in here. Additionally, since warm temperatures continue into the fall, you can host events longer than in other parts of the country.

Great Barbeque

OK, we know how weird that sounds, but hear us out. There’s nothing quite as tasty as Southern barbeque, and after a day spent dancing in foam, you need to replenish your energy. Barbeques are places where the community can come together, so why not combine one of the best forms of entertainment with the most delicious food around?

Popularity of Foam Parties in Texas

People of all ages are getting in on the foam fun; from children’s birthday parties to huge DJ’d bashes, there have been dozens of opportunities to get sudsy, and plans for more are on the horizon. Part of the widespread popularity can be tied to TikTok, Facebook photos, and other social media posts spreading the word.

Making Money With Foam Parties in Texas

Of course, foam parties aren’t just about a good time — they’re also a business opportunity. Many people love the idea of dancing in a giant make-shift bubble bath, but they’re not up to organizing the event themselves. That’s where you come in, with all the equipment and staff necessary to create the perfect party.


Are you looking for a way to raise money for a good cause? Selling tickets to a foam party may be the perfect option. It offers something unique without demanding a huge budget. You can even provide VIP access for a higher cost and delight attendees with glowing or colored bubbles.

Professional Event Companies

Whether you’re an old pro at event hosting or looking to start your own business, you can benefit from adding foam parties to your repertoire. It’s a relatively small investment to secure your own jet or cannon and open your services to an entirely new demographic.

Foam Party Venues in Texas

There’s a lot that goes into planning a foam party. Do you need a special permit? Are there limits to how many bubbles you can generate? How many people should you invite? The answers to these questions depend on the venue you choose.

Backyard FOAM Birthday Parties

If you’ve got lots of open space behind your house, why not hold your foam party there? You can transform your backyard into a bubble wonderland with a single cannon. Even better, you don’t need anyone else’s permission, and the extent of your foam dance floor can be whatever you’re comfortable with.

School Events

Many schools have a “water day” where students dress in swimsuits and enjoy sprinklers, waterslides, and a dip in the pool. How much fun would it be to add foam to the mix? Schools can get a lot out of a foam pit bounce-house or a suds-slicked slide.


Municipalities, schools, and even private businesses host festivals to bring people together and offer some wholesome fun. If your organization plans to host a festival, you may be able to draw a larger crowd by providing a trendy foam party.

How Foamdaddy Can Help

When you need foam machine rental in Austin or surrounding cities in Texas, look no further than Foamdaddy. We’ve got equipment for every occasion, area, and theme. We even offer glow foam solution to light up the night and foam machine pits to bounce around in. With so many options, you can create a unique experience for your guests.

Texas Foam Party Rental Packages

Foamdaddy offers several foam machine packages for your foam event in Dallas, Austin and other cities in the Lone Star state:

We also offer custom packages. No matter which you choose, you’ll get the Foamdaddy gel, foam solution, a foam machine, and applicable accessories.

DFW Foam Machine Rentals

At Foamdaddy, we have several types of foam machines for rent in the DFW, Texas area and across the state:

Each has different capabilities, such as the amount of foam it generates and how the bubbles are distributed.

Foamdaddy Foam Machines for Sale

If you prefer to own your equipment, we also offer foam machines for purchase. After all, if you want to start an event business, buying a foam cannon is an excellent first step.

Are you ready to create a sudsy dreamscape that people will be talking about for months? Then it’s time to contact Foamdaddy. You can look through our complete list of foam party rentals on our website or give us a call at 1-888-731-4415 to make your order.


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