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Are you planning an event and want to offer your guests something unique and memorable? Then you should consider throwing foam into the mix.

Foamdaddy foam machine sales & rental services are offered in locations across the United States and world-wide.

Foam parties are all the rage, as they’re fun for all ages. Playing in mountains of foam is a great way to cool off and have a great time, especially if you add UV glowing solution or fun colors. Of course, to throw the ultimate bubble party, you need a foam machine rental service. Fortunately, Foamdaddy is here to meet your foam-generating needs with our wide variety of machines and accessories.

Foam Machine Rentals & Sales in the U.S.

Foamdaddy is based in the U.S., making it the perfect option for domestic rentals. No matter which state you’re in, we can provide top-quality foam machines. We even go the extra mile and time shipment, so your equipment arrives a few days before the event date, giving you ample time to ensure it works and get the hang of running it. Foamdaddy serves all 50 states in the U.S. - find your state below:











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Most Popular States for Foam Parties

While we ship anywhere in the country, there are a few states with higher rates of foam machine rental in the US. Bubble parties have really caught on in these areas, and we’re excited to see this fun spread. Many of the top states for foam parties are warmer areas where bubbles are a fun, mess-free way to beat the heat, but you can enjoy foam cannons no matter where you live.


Arizona has its fair share of hot days, which is why it’s one of the top spots for foam parties. Over time, the foam dissolves, leaving participants soaked and refreshed. Rather than taking a dip in a chlorinated pool, many Arizonans prefer to frolic in mountains of dewy bubbles.


Sunny California is an excellent option for outdoor foam parties, as it has fantastic weather year-round. There are plenty of beautiful parks to host an amazing bubble fest, or you can arrange an event in your own backyard. Learn more about California foam parties here.


Everything is bigger in Texas, and that includes celebrations. The clear weather and long summer make Texas a prime candidate for outdoor foam parties. If you’ve got a birthday coming up or just want to throw a fun water day for the kids, you should order a few foam cannons for an unforgettable event. Learn more about Texas foam parties here.


Hot Florida summers are perfect for an outdoor foam party, but the many nightclubs offer another option: foam on the dancefloor. Glowing foam is a great addition to a night out and sure to make any club the talk of the town. Learn more about foam parties in Florida here.


Humid Georgia summers can be a drag, but fortunately, you can cool off with fun foam parties. Unlike chlorinated pools, the foam won’t dry out your hair or skin so that you can enjoy your day without a care in the world.


Louisiana is known for hot, humid summers, making it the perfect location for foam parties. It’s an excellent option for youth events, family gatherings, or even an after-church picnic. No matter the reason, guests are sure to love playing in piles of bubbles. Learn more about foam parties in Louisiana with Foamdaddy.

New Jersey

Whether you’re interested in catered events or planning a birthday party in New Jersey, you can ramp up the fun with a bit of foam. With so many outdoor and indoor venues to choose from, you can find the perfect place to throw your bubble bash.Learn more about New Jersey foam parties here.

New York

New York is famed for its nightlife and pushing the limits. Clubs interested in bringing in new customers should consider foam rentals, which can add a little spice to a variety of events:

Private parties
Themed music events
Holiday celebrations

North Carolina

If you want to throw a party in North Carolina, you should add a foam cannon to your list of supplies. Bubbles are a fun addition to any gathering, even office parties — just make sure everyone brings a swimsuit.


Las Vegas is a popular destination for bachelorette parties, but you don’t have to visit Sin City to have a fantastic time. With Foamdaddy foam machines, you can set up your own amazing party to celebrate your upcoming wedding.


The Prairie State is full of individuals who like to have fun, especially with friends and family. A foam machine is a perfect addition to a family reunion or neighborhood barbeque, especially during the summer. Kids and parents alike can appreciate the novelty, and guests are sure to look forward to future shindigs.

International Sales & Shipping Info

Are you located outside the U.S? It’s no problem. Foamdaddy offers worldwide foam machine rental so everyone can experience the ultimate fun. To accommodate our international customers, we have several shipping options, all of which are highly commended companies dedicated to delivering your equipment in top shape. Make sure to check out our FAQ section if you have any more questions. 

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Are you ready to throw the ultimate bubble bash? If you want to awe guests with the time of their lives, then you should reach out to Foamdaddy. We have a wide range of foam cannons, ensuring you can find the right option for your needs.

Are you a business interested in adding foam parties to your repertoire? Then you may be interested in purchasing one of our machines rather than renting. Most of our rental options are also available for purchase, so you can host an event whenever you like. For more information, contact us online or give us a call at 1-888-731-4415.


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