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Approved Vendor: Foam Fabulous

When you're looking for the best foam party near you, you want to make sure you're connecting with an approved vendor that you know will stock high-quality Foamdaddy products and ensure a great experience for you and your group. We proudly announce that Foam Fabulous has joined the Foamdaddy-approved vendor team. Foam Fabulous, located in Raleigh, NC, offers an incredible experience for anyone from 2 to 102! 

About Foam Fabulous

Foam Fabulous is known as Raleigh's #1 foam party experience--and with good reason! The company focuses on delivering a high-quality experience for every party as they pump out mountains of hypoallergenic foam perfect for every activity. Whether you want to DIY your foam party with a rented foam machine or bring out the Foam Fabulous team for an incredible event that includes everything you need, Foam Fabulous has an option that will fit your needs. 

Foam Fabulous Party Packages

Foam Fabulous has a range of foam party options perfect for getting everyone out and running, dancing, and playing with mountains of foam bubbles. 

Basic Birthday Rental

The basic birthday rental is all you need when you want to run your foam party independently. Pick up the foam machine and all the materials you need for at least two hours of foam fun. You get to decide when the foam starts and stops so you can tailor the event to your specific needs. You can also choose multiple rentals simultaneously to expand the fun and cover a wider area with foam. 

Foam Fabulous also allows you to add glow foam for an additional charge, so you can dance the night away surrounded by piles of glowing foam bubbles. 

Full Service Birthday

If you don't want to run the festivities yourself, Foam Fabulous will take care of it! Along with all the supplies needed for a one-hour foam party, Foam Fabulous will supply one of their employees to take care of the event. They'll take care of the setup, run the music and the foam machines, and keep the event going so that you can focus on enjoying it with your friends and loved ones. It's not just a foam-filled pit waiting for your party guests. Foam Fabulous team members will continue shooting the foam cannons as needed throughout the event, ramping up the fun and increasing the excitement for everyone.

There is a surcharge if you plan to have your party on a holiday weekend. 

Glow Party

As the sun goes down, the glow comes out! Glow foam parties are the perfect way to celebrate evening events and make the most of every moment. Along with a glow foam host, you'll get glow sticks, black lights, DJ dance lighting, music, and everything else you need to make your foam glow party a fantastic success! These events are perfect for up to 30 people, with more time or foam available for an increased cost. Foam Fabulous will even manage the invitations for you--you just have to show up!

Book with Foam Fabulous Today!

If you're looking for a reputable Foamdaddy dealer in Raleigh who will help you make the most of your next foam party, Foam Fabulous is prepared to make your experience one to remember. Reach out today to book your party, and let the Foam Fabulous team guide you through the rest. Do you have more questions about Foamdaddy products or how a foam party works? Contact us today to learn more.

Image Credit: Irenepic84, Shutterstock