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Foam parties are an excellent way for your company or group of friends to decompress, but what goes into having a foam party? Foam Daddy has your needs covered with this list of frequently asked questions about foam parties. To ensure you have a successful event, we’ve created this handy FAQ page.

What do I need to produce a successful foam party for my business?

The first (and most important) thing for a successful foam rental party is a foam machine and an excellent place to put it. The only other element you absolutely need for a successful foam party is people who want to have fun and get messy! You'll want to give your guests instructions about the dress code of your party — we recommend that your guests wear rubber-soled shoes and casual clothing or swimwear that they don't mind getting wet — as well as setting up a safe place for them to put their electronic devices (such as cell phones). See our list of foam party tips and tricks for more tips on having a foam rental party.

How difficult is it to operate a foam machine for a party?

The process of how to make foam for a foam party is simple, and we make it even easier for you! Our foam machines come with complete setup instruction videos that are easy to follow: simply run the machine until you have enough foam, and then turn it off. You can always turn it back on if you decide you want more foam later.

How can I ensure I never run out of foam party solution and make sure that my solution costs are affordable for large events?

The best way to avoid running out of solution for your foam party is to buy one of our foam party packages. These packages come with our top-quality foam machines, enough foam party solution for your entire party, and any accessories you need. We even deliver them directly to you, saving you the hassle of picking up and returning your foam machine!

Will I need any supplies for my foam party not supplied by the local rental company?

If your foam party is indoors, it's a good idea to have enough plastic tarp to cover the whole floor. You also need to have a hose and access to a GFCI electrical outlet. If you plan to have music at your foam party, you may also want to rent a sound system.

Where should we hold the foam party?

Hard surfaces such as a concrete patio area are ideal for an outdoor foam party. The concrete will be less slippery than grass, and any liquid will eventually evaporate on its own. You can also set out a plastic tarp to make a foam pit on the grass.

It would be best to place the foam machine on an easy-to-clean surface for indoor foam parties, such as tile or linoleum. Because the floor will get wet, it's best to avoid holding your foam party on a wood floor or carpeting.

How much do foam party machines cost?

The cost to buy or rent a foam machine varies based on your needs and the amount of solution you will require. We offer a wide variety of foam machines and foam machine packages to suit your company's specific needs.

Who should I call to get a quote for a foam party machine?

Foamdaddy is not only the foremost foam party rental company in the United States, but we deliver directly to you, making us the most convenient way to get foam for your party.

Why should my company invest in foam party machine equipment versus other attractions?

Foam parties are an unconventional way to make a splash with your guests! They'll certainly remember their experience at your foam party for years. Our all-inclusive packages make it easy to set up your party, unlike other attractions that may require multiple trips to set up and return equipment.

How messy is a foam party?

With a foam rental party, your guests will definitely get wet! Our foam solution naturally evaporates into the air if you have an outdoor foam party.

FOAM Machine Rental FAQ

Will the foam cause you to slip?

Foam is about as slippery as water, so it’s possible to slip if you’re on long grass or a smooth, glossy surface such as glazed tile. To prevent slipping, we recommend guests avoid running in foamy areas.

Will the floor get wet from the foam machine?

Since you need water to generate foam, you can expect the floor to get wet as the bubbles dissolve. The resulting liquid is easy to clean up and doesn’t have any lasting effects. If you’re hosting a foam party outside, any lingering liquid should eventually evaporate on its own.

How long does foam last?

When left alone, foam lasts several hours. However, once guests interact with it, the bubbles start to pop and break up. The more people play in the foam, the quicker it will dissolve.

How much foam can you get from a Foam Cannon Machine?

The Foam Cannon Machine is designed to cover a wide area, so the bubble stacks may not be extremely high. However, this machine makes just as much as other foam-generating equipment; it just distributes the amount differently.

Is the foam safe for contact with skin and eyes?

Our foam solution is non-toxic and environmentally friendly, so there shouldn’t be any irritation if it contacts your skin or eyes. Even kids should be fine playing in the bubbles.

What kind of events are best for foam machines?

You can use foam machines at a variety of events:

  • Birthday parties
  • Night clubs
  • Dance parties
  • Festivals


Foamdaddy Foam Machines and Accessories

Bubble and foam parties are all the rage, and Foamdaddy is here to ensure you can get in on the fun. Whether you want to take a birthday party to the next level, host a gender reveal party, or add a new spin to your local music festival, we can provide. Not only do we offer a wide variety of foam machines, but we also have a range of accessories, such as bounce pits, to make your event memorable.

Have a question about hosting your foam party? Below are some of our customers’ most frequently asked questions, answered by the friendly team at Foamdaddy.

What is a foam party?

A foam party is a one-of-a-kind event where guests can dance, play, and have fun with sudsy, bubbly foam that’s several feet deep. Often hosted outside or in a spacious indoor venue, foam parties are an incredible experience for kids and adults alike!

What is a foam machine?

A foam machine is a piece of motorized equipment that produces the foam for a foam party, using a specialized solution. There are various types of foam machines, ranging from compact models to extra-large cannons.

Do you offer foam party packages?

Yes! Get the best value with one of our foam machine packages, including all of the necessities for your foam party.

Are Foamdaddy foam machines for rent or sale?

Foamdaddy offers foam machines for sale and rent, so you can choose the option that best suits your specific needs. Our foam machines are available for rent throughout the United States and will be shipped directly to your chosen location.

How do I choose the best foam machine for my party?

There are several factors that you should consider when looking for the right foam machine, including:

  • The amount of space you have available at the party location
  • How many guests you are expecting
  • Your preferred budget
  • How much foam you want the foam machine to produce
  • How often you will use your foam machine

For example, if you are planning a large party in an outdoor venue, you may want to consider a deluxe foam cannon and plenty of foam solution. However, if your party space is relatively small, a compact foam machine may be suitable.

If you are unsure about which options you should choose for your foam party, feel free to reach out to the Foamdaddy team.

Is the Foam machine solution safe?

Yes, the foam solution is bio-degradable, non-toxic, non-staining hypoallergenic. This is completely safe for kids and adults. MSDS can be provided upon request.

Do you have colored foam?

Yes, $165 for 2.5-3 hours. We can color or UV the foam solution. Color may stain clothes slightly.

Can the Standard foam machine produce the same as a large foam machine if I leave it on longer?

No, once people are in the foam the machine will not be able to produce foam fast enough to keep foam waist high.

How long does 5 gallons of foam solution last?

2.5-3 hours of consistent foam.

How long does each ½ gallon round of foam solution last for?

15-20 minutes

Can I buy foam machine solution in a retail store locally?

Not yet, we are working on it though, You can restock through us. We always price match. You are guaranteed to always receive the best pricing.

Which way should the foam machine be pointing?

The bag or netting should be pointing horizontally towards designated area and preferably tilted down.

Does the foam machine need to be elevated?

Yes, the machine needs to be elevated 6ft to 10f (pump will not work efficiently if higher). Shut the machine off when foam reaches desired height.

How do I hang the machine?

You can hang from anything that will hold 40 pounds. (Exp. Tri-pod stand). You can attach with a chain from any handle or corners of the machine.

Does the pump go directly into the water?

Yes, the pump was made so the core and the pump can be completely submerged.

Where do I connect the hose?

The hose runs between your machine and your pump. The pump goes into the water drum (40 gallons of water and ½ gallon of solution). Turn both pump and machine on.

How long does shipping take?

Shipping FED EX/UPS ground can take 3-5 business days. We also can overnight. If you live near any major airport services by southwest it is normally only $85 to overnight each package, which is a very good rate for overnight delivery but you will have to pick it up at the airport through SouthWestAir Cargo(We can also do this for some international clients). DHL Express (International) can take 4-5 business plus customs.

Shipping Policy

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Please note that FedEx Ground only ships to physical addresses; it will not deliver to P.O. boxes. West Coast states, including Georgia, can expect delivery in 2 to 5 business days, although it can take as little as one. For all other areas of the U.S., shipping typically takes three days or less.

FedEx Express:

Please note that FedEx Express will only ship to a physical address; it will not deliver to a P.O. box. FedEx Express is our primary shipping option for expedited orders.

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If you order using an FPO, APO, or P.O. box, you can expect to receive your shipment via the USPS.

International Shipping:

Upon request, we can ship internationally using USPS Express and Priority Mail. In all other instances, we’ll use either Road Runner or FedEx International.

International Shipping Quote:

The cost of international shipping varies, so before ordering outside the U.S., you can request a shipping quote. If you send your request Monday through Friday, we can send you the quote within 24 hours.

UPS Ground and Express:

When you make your purchase, you can request UPS shipping. Otherwise, we will use the above-described shipping methods.

Same Day Shipping:

We offer same-day shipping upon request.

Payment Info

If you choose to pay through Shopify, rest assured that your payment information is secure. Shopify and large banks use the same levels of encryption, which means your payment is as safe as any transaction made through your bank.

We accept the following forms of payment:

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Additionally, should we receive negative feedback, we reserve the right to cancel the bid. We also reserve the right to reject unconfirmed addresses.

Rental Equipment

When will my rental be delivered?

When your equipment arrives depends on the shipping option. In most cases, it takes five business days or less, though you can request expedited shipping to receive it within one business day.

We time item arrival a few days before your scheduled event. These extra days allow you to get familiar with the equipment and ensure it’s working properly.

Do the prices include delivery?

The prices on our website do not include shipping, as the shipping costs depend on the carrier and desired speed. For example, expedited shipping will cost more than the regular 3 to 5 business day delivery window. If you’d like to review shipping options and the accompanying cost, you can contact us by phone or online form.

Where do you deliver?

Foamdaddy is happy to deliver anywhere in the U.S. as well as internationally. No matter where you are, you can enjoy a fun foam party with a Foamdaddy machine.

Contact Foamdaddy for More Information

In addition to renting our equipment, we also sell to individuals and businesses looking to spice up their event hosting services. To learn more about Foamdaddy or review our stock, give us a call at 1-888-731-4415 or contact us online.

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