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Foamdaddy Gel Foam Solution
FoamDaddy Foam GEL
 Foam Machine Solution Two kids playing in glow foam
Foamdaddy Gel Foam Solution
FoamDaddy Foam GEL

FoamDaddy Foam GEL

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Foam GEL (Equal to 5 gallons of Ready-Foam Solution)
  • If you need 1-3 days shipping please call us for the best rates.
This is a Money Saver!! If you are buying in bulk or if you can handle mixing 1 gallon of GEL with 4 gallons of water. Selling GEL allows us to save our clients money on shipping versus sending a 5-gallon pail (50 pounds) $59 savings per unit when buying GEL verse Ready-Foam-Solution (5 gallons). 
  • 1 Gallon of GEL makes 5 gallons of "Foamdaddy Ready-Foam-Solution" • 2.5-3.5 Hours - 400:1 Ratio

Ultra Concentrated Foam Solution

Foamdaddy Foam Gel is an Ultra-concentrated foam solution. It is Biodegradable and Hypo-Allergenic. Non-Staining. No Scent. Concentrate. Significantly better stacking foam than cheap powder.

  •  This GEL needs to be diluted with 4 gallons of warm water to make "Foamdaddy Ready-Foam-Solution" before use. You provide a 5-gallon bucket for storage.

Foam Gel Solution Mixing Instructions:

Mix 1 gallon of GEL with 4 gallons of warm water in a large garbage can and let sit for 20 minutes. This will make your 5 gallons of solution. NOTE: MIX ALL AT ONCE and then you can store it in a 5-gallon bucket for storage.
If you are using a submersible pump, you will add 1/2 a gallon of foam solution to 40 gallons of water.
Can make 10 gallons of Base Hand Soap (150 - 8 oz bottles)
  • You will need one 5 gallon bucket with a lid for mixing and storage per gallon of GEL. It is always best to pre-dilute your solution before your event. This solution can be stored for years after diluting. Please do not allow it to freeze. 

For more information, please contact us.

For more information on Foamdaddy solution, please see Foam Solution FAQs.