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Approved Vendor: Bucks Bubbles

Birthdays, graduations, pool parties, and corporate events are only complete with a foam party. The frothy bubbles elevate celebratory moods and motivate attendees to get up and have fun in the mountains of foam.

For the past 15 years, Foamdaddy, a leading foam machine and events retailer and servicer, has been expanding its reach so you can get all foam party supplies closer to your event's venue. That's why we keep partnering with like-minded dealers, one of them being Bucks Bubbles.

About Our Authorized Vendor, Bucks Bubbles

Like Foamdaddy, Bucks Bubbles rents and sells all the supplies you need to throw a foam party. The supplies include Foamaddy foam machines, solutions, UV glow additives, and foam colors.

Apart from the foam supplies, Bucks Bubbles provides a couple of extras to make your party more complete. The authorized dealer provides delightful desserts to re-energize guests to keep the celebratory mood high.

On request, Bucks Bubbles can add a firefighting theme to your party. They'll get a red fire truck from the Fantastic Fire Department and send it to your venue with lights flashing and the siren blaring. The car will add an extra layer of excitement to your foam party.

Foamdaddy Foam Machines

Bucks Bubbles offers a wide range of Foamdaddy foam machines for rental or sale. So, whether you want to throw a party for tens of guests or one for just a few friends, you will always find the right machine for the occasion.

Some of the Foamdaddy foam machines you'd find at Bucks Bubbles include the following:

1. HD Pro Stacker Foam Cannon

The HD Pro Foam Cannon features a heavy-duty stacker, which produces loads of foam in the shortest time. In particular, this unit has enough foam to cover an area of 30 by 30 feet in just a few minutes. It is an excellent fit for hosts organizing significant events.

In addition, this heavy-duty foam machine rental comes with a free 50-gallon foam solution, which makes enough foam to last for 4 hours. The foam cannon's tripod stand keeps it stable while operating, eliminating the chances of tipping over.

2. Swivelling Large Foam Cannon

Foamdaddy's swiveling giant foam cannon is another excellent choice for small to large parties. Like its sibling mentioned above, this powerful machine produces enough foam to cover an area measuring 30 by 30 feet quickly.

The extensive coverage ensures your attendees have enough area to immerse in the stacks of foam. In addition, this swiveling giant foam cannon has a tripod stand that keeps it stable while in operation.

3. Standard Foam Cannon

If you are looking at smaller or medium-sized foam parties, Foamdaddy's standard foam cannon would be an ideal fit for you. This machine produces enough foam to cover an area of 20 by 20 feet in just a few minutes.

A shoulder strap on this foam machine for sale provides the flexibility to disperse foam to a direction of your liking.

Contact us Today To Get The Support You Need to Host Successful Foam Parties.

Hosting successful foam parties takes some work. You'd need to secure the right supplies, including foam machine rental, party pits, and premium foam solution. Furthermore, you must set up the venue so your guests have the most fun.

Bucks Bubbles helps hosts have an easy time organizing foam parties. They sell and rent all foam party supplies you need for your event. Moreover, they provide a support team to help set up the machines and ensure the party runs smoothly.

Visit our Approved Vendor page to inquire about our services, find an authorized dealer, or rent a foam machine.


Image Credit: EA230311, Shutterstock