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  • HD Pro Stacker Foam Cannon ™ (New Swivel)

Make Money With a Party Rental Business

Are you interested in learning how to make money by starting your own party rental business with the help of FoamDaddy? Or are you interested in leveling up your foam machine party rental business? Check out our resources to teach you everything you need to make money by renting foam machines for parties and events, and start earning on each event!

Learn How to Start of Grow Your Own Party Rental Business

The information in this article and the video below, focuses on the HD FoamDaddy Pro Cannon, one of our core products and most popular options for party rentals. But the information is still helpful and relevant for the entire collection of FoamDaddy foam cannons and other party products. Watch the video for a full breakdown of all things FoamDaddy, or read through our article for a summation of how to approach creating a party rental business. If you have specific questions about our products or services, contact us for more information.

What We Review in This Article

Business Models for Foam Machine Rentals

           Standard Rental Approach

           Full Service Rental Approach

The FoamDaddy Facebook Group

What Comes in Your Party Rental Kit

           FoamDaddy Warranty

           What's in the Box

 Video Overview: How to Start a Party Rental Business with FoamDaddy

Party Rental Business Models You Can Leverage

FoamDaddy partners follow one of two Business models in order to operate a successful party rental business of their own. 

The Standard Rental Business Model

In the standard party rental business model, your customers pick up all of their FoamDaddy equipment from your facility, and you give them a quick tutorial on how to properly use it before they leave your facility. This keeps things easy and low maintenance on your part while still enabling you to make money on your party rentals.

The Full Service Party Rental Business Model

In the full service approach to party rentals, you run the entire event for your customers and create an epic, hassle-free experience that they will be sure to remember. We would love for everyone to run a full-service model because it really connects you with your customers, and if you do a great job, then you’ve created a repeat customer for life. Taking this approach to your party rental business means more time spent overseeing your rentals and at events, but also typically ensures higher customer satisfaction.

Sometimes Both Approaches Are Best

Some FoamDaddy customers think they have to pick between one or the other, but we believe you should have both in your arsenal, because you just never know.

  • There may be a time when someone needs a foam party last-minute and you don’t have an employee available, or
  • You have a ton of bookings and no one to help, or
  • You happen to be out of town and someone wants to book a foam party

Whatever the case, we believe if you can make something happen, there’s no reason you should leave any money on the table.

The FoamDaddy Facebook Group

We have an incredible Facebook group with a wealth of knowledge that is always willing to share their experiences and thoughts. In fact, one of the things you’ll love seeing is how other FoamDaddy customers have added, altered, and put their spin on some of the things we’ll be sharing in these instructional resources.

Also, make sure to check out our featured posts at the top of the page, and don’t be afraid to say hello and ask some questions.

What Comes in a Party Rental Business Kit?

An important aspect of starting a party rental business with FoamDaddy is what comes inside your FoamDaddy box. Keep in mind that some of our customers take advantage of our package deals, that includes upgrades such as custom colors and UV foam.

The FoamDaddy Warranty

We also include a 1-year warranty for purchasers who only purchase FoamDaddy foam solution. Plus, we renew the warranty every year for customers who exclusively purchase FoamDaddy solution. If there are ever any issues, all you have to do is send us your equipment*, and we’ll repair or replace it. That’s basically a lifetime warranty!

*Note that you only cover shipping to send us the equipment and we cover shipping for replacing or returning your equipment.

What We Include in the Box:

The kit should include everything you need to kick off your party rental business and start renting foam machines for events near you. The HD Pro Stacker Foam Cannon: this machine allows you to shoot foam more than 30 feet at foam parties.

  • Gator Frameworks Stand: features 4 foldable legs for extra support and stability, PLUS a piston-driven height adjustment.
  • Swivel Bracket: attaches to your cannon and allows it to freely move up down and all around, plus a handy screw-on clamp to hold your cannon in place.
  • Submersible Pump: sends your foam mixture to the cannon for blastoff through the included 10-foot hose that connects to the cannon.
  • Laundry Bag: protects the sub pump from getting unwanted grass and debris into the filter inside the foam cannon
  • 2 Gallons of ultra-concentrated FoamDaddy Gel: there is a dilution process for this gel you can find here [link to dilution tutorial]
  • Remote-Control Surge Protector: Start or stop your foam cannon with the push of a button
  • Baffler: place this on the back of your fan unit to shorten the distance of your foam. A plate, frisbee, or even hand towel also works in a pinch.
  • Crescent Wrench: use this for easy and minor adjustments
  • FoamDaddy Info Book: more information about the different products we have at
  • FoamDaddy, and warranty information
  • FoamDaddy Branded Merchandise: Hats, cups, and other swag!

Curious How to Start Your Party Rental Business?

Contact us online for more information about starting your very own party rental business with Foamdaddy or for further specifics on our products & services. We can help you get started renting foam machines and making money in your area.