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Authorized Dealer: Bay Area Foam Parties

Bay Area California Foam Parties

A successful foam party depends on one central thing — foam equipment and supplies. You need the right equipment to generate the foam and hold it so you can have fun, as well as make sure your supplies are from a reputable source.

Foamdaddy has been helping hosts organize foam parties with ease. We rent and sell all supplies, including foam machine rental. Bay Area Foam Parties is an authorized retailer we're proud to partner with. We're here today to explain to you who they are and how they can help you make the most out of any event you're thinking of hosting.

About Bay Area Foam Parties

Bay Area Foam Parties was founded by renowned magician James Tedrow. Bay Area Foam Parties rents and sells all foam party accessories and high-quality supplies by way of Foamdaddy. But they're more than just a retailer. They have coordinators to assist with everything, including equipment setup and foam production. These coordinators handle the stresses of the party so you and your guests are able to enjoy your event to the fullest and get the most out of your time.

What does Bay Area Foam Parties Offer?‌

On top of the high-quality foam rental equipment products offered by Bay Area Foam Parties, anyone trying to make the most out of any event in or around Santa Clara, CA, can also find the following:

Foam Pits

These foam pits can act as pools to hold your blocks of foam, so guests can immerse and have fun in a safe way. Whether you are hosting a small or large event, the provider will get you the right size for your event.

Liquid Foam Machine Solution

Bay Area Foam Parties provides the foam solution for generating foam. These solutions are biodegradable so that they won't pollute your environment. Moreover, the foam solution is hypoallergenic and non-staining.

UV Glow Additive

If you want to infuse vibrant hues into your foam party, Bay Area Foam Parties has you covered. They offer color additives to change your foam's color. The color additives come in dazzling pink, purple, blue, green, and orange colors.

Why Buy From Bay Area Foam Parties?

Bay Area Foam Parties offers event consultation services to hosts. As such, using their services gives you access to professional planning. This Foamdaddy authorized dealer will help you navigate potential pitfalls that could compromise your event.

Here are some additional benefits of going with Bay Area Foam Parties:

You Get a 100% Guarantee

Bay Area Foam Parties guarantee you flawless service. The company will supply you with high-quality equipment to reduce downtime. Moreover, this service provider will oversee the foam production task to give your guests maximum fun. Bay Area Foam Parties will do everything to ensure you are completely satisfied.

They Offer Extras to Make Your Party Successful

Besides foam party equipment, Bay Area Foam Parties provides other extras to make your event more fun. Sound systems entertain guests with upbeat music and beach balls make your event lively; they make sure that your event is beyond your expectations and fun for anyone involved!

They Have Party Packages for Various Customers

Bay Area Foam Parties has two pricing packages for clients to choose their most ideal. The first package costs $450 per hour. This package gives you one hour of foam and an event coordinator to oversee the event. The second package costs $600 for 2 hours of uninterrupted foam fun.

FoamDaddy's Authorized Dealer Bay Area Foam Parties Can Help You Get the Most of Any Party

Our authorized dealer, Bay Area Foam Parties, is your trusted partner for foam parties in the Santa Clara, CA, area. They're more than happy to supply you with everything you need to host a successful party. If you need additional help coordinating or booking your event, ask them about their professional event coordinators as well. Contact us to discover more authorized dealers serving your area.

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