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How a Snow Machine can Add to Your Party

How does a Snow Machine Work?

Whether you want to bring a winter wonderland to Missouri or Tempe, Arizona or set up a fantastic snow-filled party in Austin or Irvine, Texas, a snow machine could be the perfect addition to your fun. Are you thinking about throwing a winter party this year--or, for that matter, about bringing in a reminder of the year's snowiest months during the hot summer? See how a snow machine from Foamdaddy can take your party to the next level.

Snow Machines are Perfect for All Ages

Snow machines are the perfect way to bring a little extra fun and magic to your party, no matter the age of your attendees. There's something special about walking into a snow-filled scene, seeing snow falling from the sky while keeping party guests warm and comfortable indoors—or bringing in a little extra fun when the climate isn't delivering real snow during the holiday season. That snow brings back memories of perfect moments from childhood: dancing under the snow, building a snowman, or sledding down a hill with abandon.

Our snow machines deliver that gorgeous, fluffy snow with plenty of benefits. It's hypoallergenic and 100 percent biodegradable, which means that it's ideal for everyone, young and old--and won't put any strain on the environment. Furthermore, your guests won't have to get chilled as they enjoy your event.

Are Snow Machines Loud?

At Foamdaddy, we offer two options for our snow machines. The Flurry Snow Machine, which puts out around 500 ml per minute and has a 5.6-liter tank, may add some noise to your celebration. However, it's a quiet solution that will quickly fade into the background as your party guests arrive and start frolicking in the snow. The Silent Night Snow Machine, on the other hand, puts out 400 ml per minute soundlessly. With its 20-liter tank, you can count on snow surrounding your party guests throughout the evening, all without adding any noise to your event.

How Do Snow Machines Work?

Snow machines, also known as snow cannons, are used to create artificial snow for many different applications. They use a variety of technologies to create realistic-looking and long-lasting snow in a variety of conditions.

Most modern snow machines are powered by electricity, although some older models may use compressed air or an internal combustion engine. To begin the process, the machine takes in cold or freezing air and mixes it with a special solution of water droplets and propylene glycol. The solution is then atomized within the machine and sprayed out in fine particles, creating snow. The rate at which the snow is produced depends on the settings of the machine.

Make Your Next Event a Winter Wonderland Everyone Will Remember

A snow machine is the perfect touch for many fantastic events. From Christmas in July to holiday parties, winter-themed events, and magical winter wonderland dances, adding a snow machine will help set the perfect stage for your event. As snow falls from the sky, it will create a sense of realism and wonder that will have your guests excited from the moment they walk through the door. Captivate your audience and let them know that you've turned your event into something special with the wonders of falling snow indoors or in areas where the weather might not call for it in time for your winter event.

There's something extra memorable about snow falling around you as you enjoy a special party, whether you're hosting an annual banquet, putting together a winter festival, or simply holding a party or gathering for your group. Once you add in that special snowfall, everyone will be talking about the event for years to come. Not only that, you'll find that the gorgeous artificial snow makes for stunning pictures, which can help you market the event for next year.

Get More Out of Your Party with a Snow Machine

When you host an event, you want it to be something special and memorable. Foamdaddy aims to make any event not just memorable but outstanding for everyone involved.

You might be thanking your employees or donors for the contributions they've made throughout the year. You might be celebrating a special moment. No matter what you're doing, however, a snow machine can help you make more out of those special moments. Contact us today to learn more about our snow machine solutions and how we can help take your winter-themed party to the next level.

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