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What is a Snow Machine and How Does it Work?

Updated: January, 2024

Wouldn’t it be magical to be able to create a snowy winter wonderland anytime, anyplace? You could experience all of the joy and excitement of a perfect snow day, but without actually having to wait for cold weather.

With an artificial snow machine, you can easily bring this vision to life – and best of all, you can do it whenever and wherever you’d like. Snow machines have become a popular party staple, offering a wonderful way to enjoy any event and make memories that will never melt away.

What is an Artificial or "Fake" Snow Machine?

A snow machine is an easy-to-operate piece of equipment that uses a specialized solution to produce artificial snow. Until recently, snow machines were typically reserved for professional use at ski resorts and other venues that host winter sports. But now, these machines that make snow are available for everyday enjoyment and can be purchased or rented for parties, special occasions, any anytime fun.

First created for commercial use in the 1950s, fake snow machines have come a long way in the past 70 or so years. Today, snow machines boast a wide range of features including computerized software, adjustable nozzles, onboard weather stations, and other elements that maximize snow production.

Types of Snow Machines

There are two main types of artificial snow machines, the lance snow gun and fan snow gun.

  • A lance snow gun
  • A fan snow gun

Artificial Snow Machines for Rent and for Sale

Within these two broad categories, there is a wide variety of brands and models to choose from. When you’re looking for snow machines for rent or sale, make sure you select one that’s well-suited to your intended use. Here are a few top quality snow machine rentals that are perfect for any event, party or occasion you are planning: 

Quality and construction are key when it comes to buying or renting a snow machine. Especially, if you want to avoid any unexpected issues that can lead to a mid-party meltdown!

How Does a Snow Machine Work?

A snow machine utilizes a high-pressure pump to spray a very fine mist into small nozzles called nucleators. These nucleators mimic the natural creation of snow by using compressed air and a unique nucleating material to rapidly cool the water and form a minuscule pellet of ice. Then, the machine’s large fan moves these ice pellets (sometimes called “snow seeds”) into the air, where they mingle with the water droplet mist. The mist sticks to the snow seeds then starts to freeze into snow.

Since it can take time for the snow crystals to freeze completely, most snow machines are specifically designed to propel the icy particles high into the air. As a result, there is extra time allowed for evaporation, which helps finish the process of creating snow. Most modern snow machines don’t rely solely on water; instead, they use a special snow solution. Not only does snow solution let you make more snow, but it also can help ensure that the flakes are fluffy, light, and not as wet as natural snow.

Choosing an Artificial Snow Solution

Not all snow solutions are created equally – which is why finding a high-quality option is so important. FoamDaddy has created an innovative concentrated snow solution that’s biodegradable, hypoallergenic, and free of scent or color. Plus, you don’t have to worry about it staining clothing or other surfaces, so cleanup is completely hassle-free.

Make Your Next Event Special with a Snow Machine from FoamDaddy

There’s no question that a snow machine is a wonderful way to make any event especially memorable, and you might just be surprised at how easy and affordable they are to rent or buy. FoamDaddy snow machines are for purchase or rent nationwide, delivering everything you need directly to your event site.

Explore your options for snow machines and snow solution from FoamDaddy and contact us today to start planning your snowy soiree today!